Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the “real” Ralph Balmaceda

It was brought to my attention last Sunday, June 20, 2021 that somebody used my name to send an email report to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submitting a complaint against ABN Online Radio Pilipinas.

I did not send the report and the email address is not mine.  To clear my name, I sent a formal inquiry to FDA on Thursday, June 24, 2021 and emailed an advance copy on that same day.  The next day, June 25, 2021 at around 08:30am, Director Arnold Alindada of FDA South Luzon Cluster called me to acknowledge my inquiry and explained what happened.

Below is a copy of my letter to FDA and their reply:

Ralph Balmaceda inquiry letter to FDA (click to enlarge)
FDA reply to Ralph Balmaceda (click to enlarge)

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to FDA for acting on this inquiry with urgency.  In light of this, I would like to advise the public to please disregard any posts on websites, social media accounts or verbal claims that I’m the one who sent the report to the FDA, when in fact, someone else sent it using a bogus email and maliciously used my name.

Ralph L. Balmaceda 

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Binmaley: Blooming at San Sebastian College

Binmaley LGU participated and presented today at the Sebastinian Skills Competition event organized by the third year HRM students of the College of International Hospitality Management (CIHM) of the prestigious San Sebastian College-Recoletos Manila. The invitation was extended to Binmaley by Mrs. Teresita Valeroso, area chairperson for hospitality management, with the approval of Dr. Corazon R. Reyes the dean of CIHM. Binmaley LGU, represented by its tourism consultant Mrs. Josefina Victorio, first visited San Sebastian College last year for the exposure trip of its first Bloom Binmaley Ambassador under the municipality’s tourism brand Bloom Binmaley. Since then both parties were looking for possible collaboration on how to promote Binmaley’s products and the municipality as a stop-over for travelling tourists in Pangasinan.

Members of Binmaley delegation headed by Mrs. Victorio are: Mrs. Renaida B. Beltran, OIC municipal accountant; Mrs. Jennifer P. Manuel, municipal registrar; Mrs. Alicia Sanchez, teacher at Binmaley School of Fisheries, Mr. Paolo Mamaradlo and Enid Soriano, a student of Mrs. Sanchez.

After a quick courtesy call at the Dean’s office, the delegation was given a quick presentation of San Sebastian College’ senior high school program by its coordinator Ms. Aisa Arlos. Mrs. Cristina Caluza, area chairperson for tourism management, gave a facility tour showcasing CIHM’s facilities that is making them one of the best hospitality management school in Manila. After which the delegation went around to watch the various competitions done simultaneously at the campus ground. The group was generously hosted with lunch at the school’s GSM Blue bar where Dr. Corazon Reyes joined and discussed areas of possible collaboration.

“We are interested to make Binmaley a training partner for our students,” said Dr. Reyes after hearing what Binmaley can offer to her students. “We want them to be exposed and learn how LGUs develop and manage tourism and most of all we want them to learn and appreciate regional culinary and other local products of Pangasinan,” she added.

During the program Mrs. Josefina Victorio gave a brief talk about Binmaley and extended messages from Binmaley’s dynamic mayor Simplicio Rosario. Mrs. Alicia Sanchez gave a lecture and demonstration on Bangus deboning that was enjoyed by CIHM students, faculty members and visitors. Six students compete for the Bangus Deboning Competition that was judged after by the members of Binmaley delegation.

Angel Pico, the chairman of the HRMM Events Class 2016, said: “We are very happy that we got the support of Binmaley for our event. It was indeed very educational for us students and we hope to visit Binmaley very soon.”

The participation of Binmaley in this activity is not only to promote the municipality but the whole of Pangasinan. “We are positioning Binmaley as stop-over for tourist visiting Pangasinan and thus we are here to promote the entire province,” said Binmaley’s tourism consultant Mrs. Victorio. “We are very happy with the outcome of this partnership with San Sebastian College. We look forward to more activities with them and in welcoming their students in Binmaley. We have a very supportive mayor and a very dynamic and supportive provincial tourism officer. With their continuous support to us we are confident that very soon more tourists will start to visit Binmaley and see what Bloom Binmaley is all about,” she added.

Binmaley municipality through its Bloom Binmaley brand recently received the distinct recognition award for Best LGU Tourism Practices on Tourism Mapping & Research during the 2015 Aktibo ed Turismo Award of the province of Pangansinan.